Travis of Horrors

Episode 1 - Eladrin...why did it have to be Eladrin?
Episode 1

A ghostly Eladrin separately lured three adventures to a midnight rendezvous. There the ghost [DM please insert quest synopsis here].

As the party traveled toward the Feywild crossover point, they were ambushed by three harpies and three dryads [is that what they were?]. The party, victorious, found the crossover point, and entered the Feywild. In a land of happiness and sunshine, unsettling to the orc and drow in the party, they found a freshly etched in stone poem, seeming to provide guidance to the tasks ahead. The poem read as follows: [DM, if you have it digital, please paste it here].

Encountering stone statues in a cave blocking the path ahead, the party through trial and error (and two episodes of combat with a statue), triggered the elder statue to let them pass. Realizing the difficulty in interpreting the cryptic poem, the party returned from the Feywild to obtain the Hand of Fate ritual, to aid them in their questing, then returned back to the Feywild.

Episode 4 - The Play is the Thing, or...Is that Me?
The Play is the Thing, or...Is that Me

Recovering from their major effort, the party realized the building was larger on the outside than what they had seen on the inside…there was still more building to explore. Setting the sundial combination to 6PM, another secret door opened. The party found a game room with five game tables in it, and were compeled to compete against phantom opponents, taking damage if they lost the game. Plowing through the games relatively unscathed, they ventured on to another room, and there, the lights went out, even for those with darkvision. When vision returned, the party each faced a mirror image of themselves in combat! Recognizing them as doppelgangers, the managed to defeat all three with minimal accidental damage to each other. Each doppelganger had a unique weapon, suitable for use by the respective party member they had mimmicked – a longsword, a shortsword, and a dagger. History and arcana checks revealed the special names and powers of each item, a major treasure. Confident they had explored all, the ghost appeared to them and thanked them for their service, and provided a reward. The party returned to the prime, suspecting that further adventure awaited them related to these events.

Episode 3 - the magic siphon
Episode 3 - the magic siphon

Continuing on, over a stone bridge, the party ended up at another non-indigenous building, built over a cemetary. The building had tapestries showing different scenes, and a room with a torch, and numbers on the wall, in brass and dark iron. The party decided to set the “sundial time” at the previous building to 6AM, and then touch 6 in brass in the room…however, as shadow fell over the 6, a secret passage unlocked.

Beyond the passage was a large chamber with one large, and three medium cairns/sarcophogai… astoundingly, there were undead in the coffins, which arose to smite the party. While trying to regroup, the drow lead the party in the wrong direction, drawing a vine-like creature also into the fight… in a pitched battle, Zevon’s wall of fire outdamaged the rest of the party, and finally all the fell creatures were down.

One of the tapestries depicted a thief getting fried, as he attempted to open a special chamber. The party used the platinum key on the tapestry, to open the chamber. Inside was an arcane device evidently draining off magical energy from the Feywild, and sending it on somewhere else. A hand of fate ritual helped the party use the proper sequence to deactivate the device. The party suspects this may have been the key to fulfilling the ghost’s quest, but also feels that, somewhere, someone is infuriated over their actions.

Episode 2 - Swarm of Harm
Session 2

Traversing the Feywild, the party happened upon a campsite. Spying a metal eye upon a pillar, an Arcana check revealed it to be a sleep trap. Quickly climing the pillar and disabling the trap, Drizzit dropped to the ground only to be perma-dazed by a will o the wisp, who animated tents and burning logs to pummel the party.

Surviving the camping trip from hell, the party continued on, finding an elevated structure with a terrain map of the area, and two rope bridges, leading off in two directions. Trusting to the hand of fate, the party went north, bypassing what looked to be a graveyard, dimension dooring past the potentially troublesome rope bridges.

The pleasant nature of the Feywild gave way to a dead/dying area, where the party found a structure not normal to this land. Entering the building, the party found a well with a platinum key at the bottom. Zevon handily retrieved the key with a cantrip, but the water animated and repeatedly attacked, eventually enveloping and vanishing the wizard/swordmage. Having no idea where he was, the party retrieved the key again from the bottom of the well, and fled the trapped room. Zevon appeared in the nearby river, heading toward waterfalls and serious damage, but managed to make his way to shore quickly, and made his way back to the party.

The group continued on in the structure, and found an eladrin maiden chained to a wall. The maiden, however, was some type of composite swarm creature, that, along with two other swarms of beetles, only took half damage and seriously challenged the party. After a protracted battle, with the party out of healing, and a dying Zevon on the floor, finally the last swarm fell, and the party survived its most serious challenge yet.

In that same area of the structure, was a large sundial with an enchanted lantern circling the sundial. It appeared the lantern rotated 60 times faster than normal time, and there was a way to halt the lantern’s rotation, freezing it at a certain time. The use/utility of the key and the sundial/magical brazzier were not immediately apparent.


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