Travis of Horrors

Episode 3 - the magic siphon

Episode 3 - the magic siphon

Continuing on, over a stone bridge, the party ended up at another non-indigenous building, built over a cemetary. The building had tapestries showing different scenes, and a room with a torch, and numbers on the wall, in brass and dark iron. The party decided to set the “sundial time” at the previous building to 6AM, and then touch 6 in brass in the room…however, as shadow fell over the 6, a secret passage unlocked.

Beyond the passage was a large chamber with one large, and three medium cairns/sarcophogai… astoundingly, there were undead in the coffins, which arose to smite the party. While trying to regroup, the drow lead the party in the wrong direction, drawing a vine-like creature also into the fight… in a pitched battle, Zevon’s wall of fire outdamaged the rest of the party, and finally all the fell creatures were down.

One of the tapestries depicted a thief getting fried, as he attempted to open a special chamber. The party used the platinum key on the tapestry, to open the chamber. Inside was an arcane device evidently draining off magical energy from the Feywild, and sending it on somewhere else. A hand of fate ritual helped the party use the proper sequence to deactivate the device. The party suspects this may have been the key to fulfilling the ghost’s quest, but also feels that, somewhere, someone is infuriated over their actions.


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