Travis of Horrors

Episode 4 - The Play is the Thing, or...Is that Me?

The Play is the Thing, or...Is that Me

Recovering from their major effort, the party realized the building was larger on the outside than what they had seen on the inside…there was still more building to explore. Setting the sundial combination to 6PM, another secret door opened. The party found a game room with five game tables in it, and were compeled to compete against phantom opponents, taking damage if they lost the game. Plowing through the games relatively unscathed, they ventured on to another room, and there, the lights went out, even for those with darkvision. When vision returned, the party each faced a mirror image of themselves in combat! Recognizing them as doppelgangers, the managed to defeat all three with minimal accidental damage to each other. Each doppelganger had a unique weapon, suitable for use by the respective party member they had mimmicked – a longsword, a shortsword, and a dagger. History and arcana checks revealed the special names and powers of each item, a major treasure. Confident they had explored all, the ghost appeared to them and thanked them for their service, and provided a reward. The party returned to the prime, suspecting that further adventure awaited them related to these events.


clarktravism Drizzit

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